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Bulk Editing – Prices


There will be times when you have added many new products into the App and all of them have multiple different price points associated with them.  For example: purchase price, sale price for single unit, sale price for multiple units, sale price for staff,  sale price (and sales tax rate) for export sales, sale price (and sales tax rate) for domestic sales etc.   Rather than work through the pricing area of each new Stock Item individually, follow the instructions below to download a spreadsheet and import the prices in bulk.

Similarly there will be times when you will want to update the sales and/ purchase prices of many products at once.   Again downloading and importing a spreadsheet incorporating these changes is the most efficient way to complete this task.

In this document:


Importing Prices in Bulk

Go to Stock Item Prices in the Settings > Buy and Sell area.  Click ‘Import’ at the top of the page.  Choose the format you wish to upload the file from, e.g. CSV or Excel, then click the ‘Download template’ button.  This will download a spreadsheet like the following:




Input or copy your pricing information into this spreadsheet.   Use the sample data provided as a guide. However make sure you delete this sample data before uploading the spreadsheet back into the App.   Once completed drag or copy and paste your spreadsheet back into the App onto the following block.


Review your data and click ‘Import to Vinsight’ to complete the import.


Editing Prices in Bulk

If you wish to bulk edit existing prices, go to Stock Item Prices in the Settings > Buy and Sell area.  Click ‘Download’ at the bottom of the page to download a spreadsheet of your existing Stock Items and their pricing details.  Edit this spreadsheet as necessary, then drag and drop the edited spreadsheet (or copy and paste) as detailed above.