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Carton Cloud is an easy-to-use (TMS) transport management system and (WMS) warehouse management system with a mission of making complicated logistics, simple.

Vinsight will create a spreadsheet, in the format required by Carton Cloud for you to forward to them for shipping.

In this document:

Enabling the Carton Cloud Plug-in

To enable the Carton Cloud plug-in, go to Settings > Add-ons.  Find Carton Cloud and click ‘Setup’.


Choose which Payment Terms you want Carton Cloud to see as Cash On Delivery, and click ‘Save Configuration’.




Shipping using Carton Cloud

When you want to ship orders using Carton Cloud, you will need to:

  1. Despatch the orders in Vinsight; and
  2. Download a spreadsheet of relevant orders.
  3. Send the spreadsheet to Carton Cloud
Despatch the Orders in Vinsight

Despatch the orders, in the same way that you would despatch any other order in Vinsight.  See Despatching Sales Orders.  This will ensure that stock is depleted in Vinsight at the correct location.

Create the Carton Cloud Spreadsheet

Select the relevant orders from your Sales Orders page.  Then expand the menu by clicking the three little dots, and finally, select the ‘Download Sales Orders as Csv for Carton Cloud’ option.



Send the Spreadsheet to Carton Cloud

Email this spreadsheet to Carton Cloud.