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Company Settings


Company Settings are found in the Settings > Setup area.  This is where you set your company’s name, logo, and culture preferences (to ensure appropriate date and measurement formats).  This is also where you customize your invoice and sales orders to reflect desired payment instructions or other information.

In this document:


Basic Settings

In Company Settings you can set all the information like your company’s name and address as well as upload a logo for use with invoices and other reports.



Invoice customizations

As well as creating entire new templates, some company wide invoice settings are set here. You can edit the invoice address, remittances instructions and the footer of Tax Invoices and Sales Orders so you do things like add your Romalpa (retention of title) clauses or, indeed, anything you like. The Display Address allows you to have more control over the way the address appears on the invoice.
Do this in the Accounting Details area in the Invoice Settings.  Be aware that the fonts and alignment may not be the same in the finished pdf so you may need to edit the settings, print a test invoice and repeat a few times until you are happy with it.


The example above ends up looking like the this:

Also, we have more invoice settings where you can update the Sales Order Number,  decide to send copies, send warnings, etc.
You can find these setting by following these  Settings> Advanced Settings> Orders

Culture Settings

The ‘Culture Settings’ area is found towards the bottom of the ‘Company Settings’ page in the
Settings > Setup area The application respects international weights, measures, date and number formats so it is important you select your language settings correctly as well at the most appropriate default units for volume (eg Litres or Gallons), Length (eg inches or centimetres) and Weight (eg tonnes or tons).