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Costing Information (for Harvests & Bulk Receivals)


If you are on our standard or premium subscription plans, one of the extra benefits you will have, is access to costing information. This allows you to add prices to harvests and bulk receivals. When these have prices associated with them, you can view the prices alongside the compositions of any vessel.  Completing these costs not only ensures that your stock on hand inventory valuation is accurately maintained, but also ensures that these costs are carried through to the costing of the products you produce or sell.

In this document:

Adding Costs


To add a cost to your harvest, simply expand the ‘Cost Information (Optional)’ section when editing or creating a harvest. Once inside, add the freight cost and then you can change either the unit cost or the total cost and the rest of the values will be updated automatically. You can also change the quantity which will automatically propagate through the costs.

cost information example

cost example for a harvest

Bulk Receivals

To add a cost to your bulk receival, simply expand the ‘Cost Information (Optional)’ section when editing or creating a bulk receival. Once inside, all you need to do is set a total cost.

cost example for a bulk receival

Updating Costs

Cost information can be updated even after the associated bulk operation has been updated. When you change a cost, the total cost will be propagated through all affected operations and vessels, updating all their costs based on their percentage of the total.

Removing Costs

If you do not want a harvest or bulk receival to have a cost, simply change the total cost to be ‘$0.00’.

Viewing Costs

You can view costs either in summary or various levels of detail. Overall costs for Harvest and Receivals can be viewed for all bulk on hand using the “Bulk On Hand Cost Summary” report:

The Source Cost column (this name may differ depending on your industry eg Wine Cost, Bulk Cost or Source Cost) will represent the cost from Harvest or Bulk Recevials.


If you want to drill in to see more detail about one of those batches, you can click on the batch link and see the components and the summary of the costs of those components:

Then finally if you want to see if the costs vary by individual vessel then you look under at a vessel’s details, the composition tabs will all contain costing information based on the composition of the vessel.

The “by source” tab on any of the above costings will show you the costs of the individual harvests or receivals, and you can click through to any of these to amend the cost, and the current blends in vessel or in bottle should update.


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