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Analysis Requests

Analysis requests are not very sophisticated.
Essentially they are nothing more or less that an “to do” list that generally is designed to help companies where there is a different lab person than the winemaker or brewer.

“To do” entries can be added automatically after an operation type is completed or you can manually add a hand typed note to the list.

To have a request added after the completion of certain operation types, you do this by adding some text to the operation type in Settings > Make > Operation Types.
Eg on a “Transfer” operation, you might add the text “Please check Free Sulphurs” on transferred tanks:

Whenever a transfer is completed this will auto add that text to a “to do” item:

When that job is done, you just click the “mark as complete” link.

Alternatively , just type a message into the “Request” box and click the “insert” link.
So again, it is not very sophisticated, but it can serve as a simple To-Do list for lab tasks.