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Sending and Receiving bulk from other companies


If you receive or send bulk wine, beer or spirits with other producers, then you can send and receive that data electronically and save you or your client having to retype that data and help avoid mistakes.

This will load their blend components and their additives into a Bulk Receival. You can then match the additives to additives in your system so that you can continue the auditable trail of additive and lot code use.

In this document:

How it works

When you create and complete a Bulk Despatch to another party, if you email them, Vinsight can attach an electronic copy of the blend data to help the other party import the data in to their system. If you are receiving Bulk product from a company that uses Vinsight, the you can ask them to include this information when they send you the data about that bulk product. This should improve your data accuracy and save you time.

Configuring Vinsight to Vinsight

You must switch on this functionality to send or receive this data. You can do this in Settings > Setup > Addons, then click the Vinsight to Vinsight setup button.

You don’t have to set any of the settings, you can simply save the addon.

Sending Bulk using Bulk Despatches

Once you have updated the Bulk Despatch that you are sending to the other party. When you click email, choose the option “Add Attachment” operation and attach the “vinsight” format to the email…

Receiving Bulk using

Bulk Receivals

When you receive an email from another company that has sent you bulk wine, beer or spirits, on that email there should be a “vinsight” format attachment. Download this from the email.

On the Bulk Receivals page you can drag and drop that file to import it:

Once imported, you will be redirected to the new Bulk Receival.

There may be data that the system does not recognise, like the other party and the additives used. You will need to go through and click each unmatched item. eg Match the other party to a contact in your system:

Also in the additives area, go through each additive, and click the “match” button and tell the system which additive type this is from your stock item list. eg below “KMS” is the code that the other party uses for Potassium meta bisulphite, but you might use “PMS” instead.

Finally it is possible that the system may not recognise some of the quantities used eg “g” instead of “grams” or perhaps you have not defined “Kg” for a particular item.

Once you have done that, you should be good to continue finishing the Bulk Receival as you normally do.