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Setting up value based taxes

As well as dealing with Sales Taxes like GST, VAT and HST that are percentage based, Vinsight can also record and show taxes on invoices that are value or quantity based such as Bottle Deposits or Alcohol Taxes.

This will give you the ability to create invoices like this:

Where, as well as the usual sales tax based on a percentage of the value of each line item, there are other taxes that might be based per gallon, litre or unit that are also applied.


To set this up:

1. Create a Tax Type to represent the class of taxes that each rate falls into, 2 examples here:

2. Create a Tax Rate for each different tax level you need and set the unit of measure and the amount of tax per unit

eg: $0.10 per bottle for a bottle deposit or $0.45 per gallon for sparking wine.

3. Edit each Stock Item and in the Sales, Purchases and Taxes area, add the appropriate Tax Rate:

4. Also ensure that you setup the correct conversion rate back to the taxation unit so the tax will be calculated correctly eg bottle or gallon (gal) in the Conversions Rates area:

Finally do a test sales order to check that everything works as expected and you get something like the image below: