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Creating Credit Notes

To make a credit note in Vinsight, you would need to create a Sales Order selling a negative quantity of a stock item to a customer.

Please make sure that you use a negative Quantity and NOT a negative price. If you use a negative price it means that you will be selling stock to that customer.

If it helps you, think of negative Quantity as returning the stock.

Damaged Goods:

In fact if you are crediting a customer to allow for damaged or spoiled goods, you would write a credit note as above, but then once you have processed this despatch, the inventory will have been returned, therefore increasing your inventory count, so you may wish to “sell” the inventory back out to an account like “breakages” or similar to correct your inventory levels. If your goods are Excise Liable, it may be worth considering which location you return these goods to in order to remain compliant.