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Quick Reports


Quick Reports enable you to review, monitor and track various aspects of your business.  They provide a way to access the harvest, purchase, production, packaging, sales and tax information you have recorded in the App, in a useful form.

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Finding Quick Reports

Quick Reports are found on the following Dashboards  (Workbenches):

Grower DashboardOperations Dashboard, Sales Dashboard, Purchases Dashboard and Accounts Dashboard.

They are also collectively found in Reports.

Refining Data Using Date Selectors and Drop-Down menus

Many reports allow you to select the date range for the report.   A default date range will be inserted by the App.  To change from the default, simply edit the ‘From’ and ‘To’ text boxes.


In addition drop-down menus at the top of the report provide you with a number of ways to refine the information to be displayed.

In the following example we have refined the Sales Detail Report so that it only displays sales to retail customers dispatched from the ‘Warehouse’.  You can select as many such restrictions as you wish.  To de-select a line, simply click the ‘tick’ on the left, so that it changes to an empty box.




Units of Measure

Many reports will give you the option to display the results in different ‘Reporting Units’.  For example, instead of displaying the results in litres or gallons, you may wish to view the results in 750ml bottles. Select the Unit of Measure you require from the drop down list provided, before previewing the report.



Note:  The drop down list will reflect the Units of Measure listed in the ‘Units of Measure’ page in the ‘Settings’ area of the ‘Orders and Inventory’ tab.



Some reports give you the option to group the results by various categories.  If this option is available, the report will have buttons similar to the following:

Grouping Buttons

Simply click on the button you wish to group by, before previewing the report on the screen.  In the following example we have grouped the results in the ‘Sales Detail’ report by ‘Product’.   This causes the results of each product to be displayed and totaled separately.


Custom Grouping

Some reports allow ‘Custom’ grouping.   If this is available, simply click the ‘Custom’ button and then select one or more categories to group by from the ‘drop down’ menu in the ‘Custom Grouping’ text box.


If you select more than one category to group by, the report will group first by the first category listed, and then by the next.  For example, if I selected ‘Item Code’ and then ‘Customer’ in the Custom Grouping text box, the report would group as follows, identifying the first Item Code and then grouping by each Customer within that.



If you reversed the order, and selected ‘Customer’ and then ‘Item Code’, the report would first group by Customer and then, for each Customer, would separately group by Item Code, as below:



Favorited Reports

If you find yourself constantly entering in the same report settings into our reports, you may find it useful to save the report as a favorite.

This can easily be done by setting the desired report settings, for example in a Sales By Period report you may want to be able to quickly see all of the sales in the past month.

Step 1: Select the appropriate filter settings in the desired report:

Step 2: Click the star in the top right corner of the report settings to favorite the report with it’s current settings

Step 3: Choose whether or not to add the report to the sales dashboard (Will show up as a list item in the report dashboard regardless)

Step 4: Set the report name and save

Your favorited report will now show up on the reports dashboard with a star next to it as is shown below.

Previewing, Emailing and Downloading Reports

Once you have refined the data you with to obtain (using date selectors, grouping etc.),  you have the option of previewing the results on the screen, downloading or emailing the report.


It is a good idea to preview the report before downloading it, as a check, to ensure you have selected the correct filter criteria, dates etc.

If you are only after a small amount of data (i.e. less than 20 lines) it may be sufficient to view this ‘Preview’ on screen.  However for larger data sets, you will need to download the report to get the full picture.

In particular, exercise caution when viewing ‘Total’ and ‘Summary’ information in ‘Preview’ mode.  Unless it specifically indicates otherwise, the last total in the ‘Preview’ view, will only be totaling data displayed on that page.  For example in the ‘grouped’ report shown in the ‘Grouping‘ section above, the summary information for ‘Product  012-021’ will total the information displayed only.  If there are additional orders relating to this product on the next page, these will not be included in the totals provided.  To ensure you are reading the correct totals, it is important to download the full report.

Emailing Reports

Clicking ‘Email Full Report’ will set up an email with the full report attached.