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14 Degrees


14 Degrees Logistics is a temperature controlled, purpose built facility that has been designed to handle the storage and distribution for food and beverage.

Vinsight will create a spreadsheet, in the format required by 14 Degrees for you to forward to them for shipping.

In this document:

Enabling the 14 Degrees Plug-in

To enable the 14 Degrees plug-in, go to Settings > Add-ons.  Find 14 Degrees and click ‘Setup’.


Fill in your company name and the short code that 14 Degrees know you by and an email address for you to be notified failed communication attempts.

Matching Stock Item Codes:

Trunk vs Boot, Fries vs Chips, Mom and Mum same great things subtley different names, you have to match your Stock Item Codes that you use against those your warehouse uses. You can do this in bulk by clicking the “Match Stock Items” in the image above. Or if you get a warning or have a new product, you can do this in the Stock Item page itself:

Shipping using 14 Degrees

When you want to ship orders using 14 Degrees, you will need to:

  1. Despatch the orders in Vinsight; and
  2. Download a spreadsheet of relevant orders.
  3. Send the spreadsheet to 14 Degrees
Despatch the Orders in Vinsight

Despatch the orders, in the same way that you would despatch any other order in Vinsight.  See Despatching Sales Orders.  This will ensure that stock is depleted in Vinsight at the correct location.

Create the 14 Degrees Spreadsheet

Orders that have and have not been notified to 14 Degrees, will show in the To Ship and Shipped Via 3PL (3rd Party Logistics).

Select the relevant orders from your Sales Orders page.  Then expand the menu by clicking the “More” menu with the three little dots, and finally, select the ‘Ship via Third Party Warehouse’ option.

This will download a .sh file that you can email to 14 Degrees Logistics.

The above works well for simple straight forward shipments, however it you have a shipment with warnings, or you need to adjust it, then you can generate the despatch then send that shipment from the despatch screen:

Send the Spreadsheet to 14 Degrees

Email this spreadsheet to 14 Degrees.