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Posting Asset Journals to Xero


If you run Vinsight as your master record for inventory, your inventory valuations can be easily posted to Xero.

In this document:

Ensure Opening Balances Accurate

See ‘End of Period Inventory Journals‘ steps to take to ensure opening balances are accurate.

Posting to Xero

The Cost of Goods Sold (detailed) Report, Cost of Goods Delivered (detailed) Report, Bottling Journals and Bulk Operation Additives can all be easily posted to Xero by selecting the ‘Import Manual Journals to Xero’ option from the ‘Download Full Report’ drop down list.



Missing Ledger Codes

Before posting to Xero, you need to ensure that the relevant ledger codes have been entered and that none are marked as ‘missing’ in the report.  The following Cost of Goods Sold (detailed) report shows that there are both Asset and Expense Ledger Codes missing for some of the Sales recorded.



1.  Missing Asset Ledger Codes

Follow the ‘missing’ links to the Stock Item and edit the Asset Ledger in the Sales, Purchases and Taxes area.

 2.  Missing Expense Ledger Codes

If your Expense Ledgers in Xero are organized by Customer type, follow the ‘missing’ links to edit the Expense Ledger in the ‘Ordering Details’ area of the Contact.

If your Expense Ledgers in Xero are organized by Product type, click the Stock Item link on the relevant line to edit the Expense Ledger in the ‘Sales, Purchases and Taxes’ area of the Stock Item.


The ledger codes you input must match the ledger codes you are using in Xero.

In the following example, our expense ledgers are organised by customer type, namely domestic and export customers.