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Using Vinsight with Data Analytics

It is fairly easy to get data from Vinsight for use with things like Microsoft Power BI or other data analytics and visualization packages like Tableau by using our API.

You can issue your own API key by logging in to Vinsight and visiting the Users page: https://app.vinsight.net/Users#APIAccess

API Access



Then you can design a query to get the data that you need or we may be able to help you do this for a small fee.

If you are techie, a great way to get started is find a report in Vinsight that is close to what you need, and use the developer tools in your browser to copy the url of the network request from the network panel.

And include the apikey in the query string

eg: https://app.vinsight net/StockItems.json?api-key=1234567890abcdefg0987654321&$select=UnitPrice mul (1 sub Discount) mul Quantity as Revenue,Quantity

which you can then use in Power BI:


You can convert json data to a table easily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t2b-aJ1spAU