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Exporting Block Info from Grapelink

Grapelink is the Spray Diary verification tool nominated by Sustainable Winegrowers New Zealand (SWNZ) for submitting your spray diaries. This means that while you make record and create your spray diary in Vinsight, you will have to submit it to Grapelink.

To support this you need to alias your properties and blocks in Vinsight to those from Grapelink, and you will need the block data from Grapelink to do this.

Create your blocks in Grapelink

Firstly, create any new blocks in Grapelink so that we can recover the Grapelink block ids. (Currently Grapelink has no way to programatically accept your Vinsight blocks to register them in Grapelink, so you will have to create them manually.

Export your block data from Grapelink

  • Login to Grapelink and go to the Vineyard Menu item.
  • Choose “View Blocks” from the “Menu Selection” dropdown.
  • Set “Archived Blocks” to “No”
  • Tick the “Create CSV File” checkbox
  • Click the “Submit” button





  • You’ll be taken to a page that lists your blocks
  • Now click the “CSV File (Click to Save)” link and save the file to your computer


You can then open it with Excel or a spreadsheet viewer and see the Grapelink Block ID for use in Vinsight.

You can follow the instructions to enter this information into Vinsight to help prepare you data for your spray diaries.