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The Count / Orders and Inventory area of the App deals with stock items (or products) and their purchase, sale and tracking.  Once you have added your stock groups and stock items from the Settings > Count area, you can track your dry and finished goods in real time.

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Units of Measure

All conversion rates are listed here.   For example,  ’12 x 750ml’ is listed as being equivalent to 9000ml and enables the app to correctly convert between different units when you use them in different places in the system.   You may wish to add other commonly used conversions to this table.

Product Groups

Product Groups can be used to group stock items that are broadly seen as substitutes for each other.   For example corks and screwcaps could come under ‘closures’ or finished wines of a particular variety or blend could be grouped using this variety or blend as a product group code.

Stock Locations

In subscription levels that have multiple locations you can view and maintain these locations and can set details such as ownership and whether the location is bonded.  For individual stock items, inventory is tracked using these location codes.

Tax Types

These broadly group taxes into types such as ‘sales tax’, duties or excise.

Tax Rates

These define individual instances of taxes for example, “10% GST” is naturally going to be a ‘GST’ style sales tax at 10%, WET (Wine Equalization Tax) would be set to 29%.


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