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Getting Going

Welcome to Vinsight!  Let’s get started.

The best order to do things whether by importing or by data entry is to start with Company Settings.  Log in to Vinsight.  Go to Company Settings in the Settings > Setup area.  Here you can complete your company details, apply your language settings, and so on.

Next, import any contacts that you buy fruit, wine or supplies from.  Go to Contacts and click ‘Import,’ or if you plan on manually entering contacts, click ‘New’.  Check out ‘How to Import Data‘ for the best ways to import your information.

Once you have imported your contacts, move on to your Vineyard and Winery settings where you can enter your regionsvineyardssub-blocksvessels (barrels and tanks), and wine batches.

To keep track of your dry goods, from vineyard and winery additives to finished product, edit your Inventory Settings.

Once your basic information has been entered, you can start making and tracing your wine!

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