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Scalehead integration with Vinsight

As a part of the process of receiving fruit Vinsight has features that can automatically take data from a connection to your scaleheads or weighbridges. This improves speed and accuracy of your weight data at the being of the production process.

While the responsibility of setting up hardware and testing the connection is yours, below is a useful checklist and some helpful hints to getting setup successfully.

Quick Checklist to setup scalehead integration with Vinsight:

You to provide:

  1. Scales with a scalehead that is connected to a windows laptop or similar
  2. Windows laptop must be connected to the internet, have at least dot net version 4.5 installed
  3. Connection between these will often be RS232 connector with a USB adapter
  4. You must have your technical supplier test the connection using a method similar to this: https://docs.vinsight.net/troubleshooting-hardware-connection-between-the-weighbridge-and-your-computer/ so you can verify independently that data is getting to the PC.
  5. Your staff must be able to routinely do the test in step 4, as this is the line of responsibility between you and Vinsight.
  6. Optionally a thermal printer to print fruit receipts


Vinsight to provide:

  1. a small app installed on the laptop that reads the data from the scalehead and sends it to the internet for use in the main Vinsight app
  2. You then use Vinsight to consume the weight data in the fruit receival app: https://docs.vinsight.net/fruit-receival-workspace/.


Tips and learnings:

What kind of PC do I need?

A small notebook PC  is all that is strictly needed as the PC only needs to read data and send it to the internet. The data can then be used anywhere, such as an iPad.
You should put the PC somewhere weather proof yet accessible for configuration.