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Barcode and QR Code Scanning In Vinsight

Current Functionality


Requirements and Recommendations

  • Platform: Must be a mobile device with a camera running either Android or iOS. It is recommended that a newer, mid to high range phone with a decent camera is used for the best user experience.
  • Web Browser:
    • For Android: The latest version of Google Chrome is recommended.
    • For iOS: Safari is recommended, other browsers are yet to be tested
  • QR Code/Barcode Scanner App:
  • Vessel Labels:
    • Generate and print using the vessels “print vessel labels” bulk action.
    • Use your own barcode or QR Code labels.  Provided they encode the Vessel Code of the vessel, most functionality should be supported.
    • If your winery already has its own labels (with barcodes or QR Codes) that encode the Vessel Code of the vessel,  most functionality should still be supported.

Basic Workflow

After you have met all of the listed requirements you are all good to start scanning away. All of the usages of barcode scanning in our app involve the following:

  1. The user presses a button to open up the scanning app (either Qrafter or Barcode Scanner)
  2. The user scans the barcode or QR Code with the scanning application.
  3. The scanning application then communicates the information that was scanned by the barcode back to Vinsight.
  4. Vinsight then determines the course of action depending on the context of which the barcode scanner was launched.

A simple example of this workflow can be found on the vessels list where we have added a small button with a QR Code icon on it next the search button as shown in the first screenshot below.


The functionality of this button is to search for the vessel that gets scanned, or if the QR Code or Barcode encodes a direct link to the vessel in vinsight (expected if you made your vessel labels using Vinsight), Vinsight will simply navigate to that Vessel. This functionality is shown in the subsequent screenshots.


Typically, a button with a QR Code icon next to a text input indicates that the text field can be filled by scanning a barcode or QR Code. Otherwise, the functionality of the button will be explained in other documentation